v1.0.0 Release Note Yolk Mooncake

Hi, folks.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, CITA 1.0.0 here for you! -yolk mooncake

In Jul 25, 2017, rink submitted the first commit to CITA. In Oct 26, 2017, CITA 0.1 released. Over the next more than 700 days and nights, CITA has accepted commits 3500+ and released 27 times. Thanks all the friends who use CITA as platform to do secondary development, who use CITA to deploy DApp, who use CITA do storage works, even who use CITA to explore the world of blockchain. It’s your continuous attempt and feedback that makes CITA become better and better.

After this version, CITA license will change to Apache License 2.0 officially. To achieve this, we redesign EVM and DB crates.

赶在中秋团圆佳节来临之前, 我们将正式发布 CITA 1.0.0!-蛋黄月饼

CITA 的第一个 commit 提交在 2017 年 7 月 25 日, 第一次发版本是在 2017 年 10 月 26 日。700 个日夜里,CITA 共接收提交代码 3500+ commits,release 发布 27 次。感谢所有使用 CITA 的朋友们,或许你在基于 CITA 做二次开发,或者 CITA 做存证,或者你就是想使用 CITA 来探索区块链的世界。谢谢你们。正因为你们不间断地使用和及时地反馈, CITA 才会越变越好。

在这个版本后, CITA 协议将更换为 Apache License 2.0, 为此,我们重新设计了 EVM 与 DB 库。


NOTE: The snapshot feature is not available in this version, sorry for any inconvenience it may caused.


  • [Protocol] Switch project license from GPL 3.0 to Apache License 2.0. [@jerry-yu] [@leeyr338] [@kaikai1024] [@ouwenkg]



  • [Fix] Fix black list error. [@jerry-yu]

  • [Fix] Passed all compatible state tests. [@jerry-yu]

  • [Fix] Fix sync blocks error. [@jerry-yu]

  • [Fix] Fix rustc unexpected unwrap. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Fix transfer failed in charge. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Refactor] refactor errors in executor and chain. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Using buildin contracts in cita-vm and remove old parts in cita-executor. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Using context.rs to replace env_info.rs. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Remove useless vm feature. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Fix] Rewrite logic about vm in cita-executor. [@leeyr338]

  • [Fix] Rewrite logic about native contracts in cita_executor. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Remove grpc contracts. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Fix out of array error. [@jerry-yu]


  • [Fix] Fix get state proof empty. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Rewrite] Rewrite entire log filter. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Optimization] Remove useless HeapSizeOf trait. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Rewrite] Rewrite blooms. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Rewrite] Rewrite db_index.rs to replace extra.rs, ids. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Fix process exit in chain in certain situation. [@leeyr338]


  • [Optimization] Remove unused NTP Service. [@jerry-yu]

  • [Optimization] Update cita-logger. [@kaikai1024]


  • [Refactor] Increase quota charged in data store. [@luqz]


  • [Optimization] Using new p2p. [@jerry-yu]


  • [Optimization] Update docker image. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Optimization] Update ethereum types version. [@leeyr338]

  • [Optimization] Update sodiumoxide. [@leeyr338]

  • [Optimization] Clear useless files in util. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Optimization] Move util errors to cita. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Optimization] Remove unused rlp crate. [@leeyr]

  • [Fix] Remove grpc parts in libproto. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Rewrite] Rewrite semantic version. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Protocol] Switch license from GPL to Apache 2.0. [@leeyr338]


  • [Fix] Add internal error type. [@ouwenkg]

  • [Fix] Ensure that vm compatibles with old vm. [@jerry-yu]

  • [Fix] Add get storage changes interface for genesis. [@ouwenkg]


  • [Fix] Fix amend system script. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Fix] Eliminate yaml warnings in txtool. [@ouwenkg]


  • [CI] Add automatically license checker fossa. [@kaikai1024]

  • [contract] Update test contracts. [@kaikai1024]

  • [CI] Upgrade ubuntu version in docker image. [@leeyr338]

  • [Fix] Fix security dependencies in contracts tests. [@kaikai1024]

  • [CI] Fix ci tests before release. [@ouwenkg]


  • [Docs] Add block chain governmenta docs. [@nanmuxiusi]

  • [Docs] More descriptions about filter. [@kaikai1024]

  • [Docs] Fix chores in docs. [@nanmuxiusi]

  • [Docs] Remove Huawei Cloud Deploy documentation. [@nanmuxiusi]

  • [Docs] Fix link in getting-started page. [@nanmuxiusi]

  • [Docs] Fix typo and remove duplicate files. [@nanmuxiusi]

  • [Docs] More descriptions about cumulative quota used. [@kaikai1024]